Our daughter always looked forward to her sessions with her North Shore Children’s Therapies therapist, whose boundless energy, enthusiasm, and expe­rience really stood out to us. It was obvious from the first day that she is passionate about working with children and loves her career, which meant a lot to us. It was also clear that she was always researching the latest therapies and constantly thinking about and tailoring her plan to our child’s specific needs. We know our daughter wouldn’t be where she is today, speaking full, under­standable sentences, without North Shore Children’s Therapies.
Erin H., Lynnfield, MA

In the short time my son has been seeing a North Shore Children’s Therapies clinician, he has gone from making a few single conso­nant sounds to saying a few words and attempting to vocalize a core vocabulary that was speci­fically developed for him. The sessions are conducted in a nurturing and fun environment and include intensive interactive play and songs. Our thera­pist truly cares about my son and is 100% invested in him and his future. She even collaborates with my son’s preschool teachers to ensure his success. We feel truly lucky to be working with North Shore Children’s Therapies because they go above and beyond for our son.
Jessica K., Middleton, MA

From their professionalism to their caring, play-based approach, North Shore Children’s Therapies exceeded our family’s expec­tations in every way. Our thera­pist quickly established a genuine rapport with my daughter, whose speech issues were resolved in an impressive amount of time. I cannot recom­mend North Shore Children’s Therapies highly enough. It’s no surprise they have earned the reputation as the go-to pediatric speech therapy resource for parents on the North Shore and beyond.
Frances W-T., South Hamilton, MA

In my search for a speech therapist for my three-year-old son, who is on the Autism spectrum, I tried a couple of therapists before turning to North Shore Children’s Therapies for help. Accommodating, patient, compas­sionate, persevering, communicative and professional are just some of the words I would use to describe our thera­pist. I drive 20 miles from our home to ensure we receive North Shore Children’s Therapies’s superior services for my son. It’s no surprise they come highly recommended by our neuropsychologist.
Pooja A., Lexington, MA

Words can’t express the difference that Jeannette has made in my daughter’s life. Prior to seeing Jeannette, my daughter was on an IEP. She was struggling academically and socially with her classmates and personal friends. She was very frustrated and would constantly tell me she felt dumb. Jeannette became not only a speech therapist to my daughter, but also a counselor because of the confidence and encouragement that she gave her. From the first visit with Jeannette my daughter felt very comfortable with her and could not wait to see her again. Whenever I had questions on how to proceed with issues, Jeannette would give me her advice and guidance. As a parent, it was wonderful feeling that you had someone to turn to on such difficult times. I wish every school had a Speech Therapist as good as Jeannette. When I told my daughter that I was going to write a testimonial on Jeannette’s website she asked if she could write something also. Below is what she wrote:

Before I went to Jeanette I was very shy and had trouble finding my words to talk to people. I used to get a lot of low grades and I was having trouble in school. The teachers used to yell and get frustrated with me and say that I needed to pay attention more often so I could fully understand things, but when I tried to pay attention I would get confused and aggravated and felt really discouraged. I had a hard time understanding what the teachers were teaching me, but when I went to Jeannette, she explained stuff in a way that I understood.

Now after Jeanette’s help, I’m not confused anymore, especially now that I started middle school. This semester was the first time that I got all A’s and B’s. I am also more open to people. I can socialize and I have a much better relationship with my friends. If I hadn’t had Jeanette’s help I wouldn’t have succeeded and I would’ve struggled a lot with school and friends.
Delighted Parent

Our therapist’s approach was perfect from the moment she began working with my child. She is extremely thorough and professional, while also making each session challenging and fun. The improvement in my son’s fine motor skills, handwriting and coordination has been remarkable. As an experienced physical therapist myself, I can tell you just how knowledgeable and caring our NSCT therapist is!
Tara M., Saugus

When our son started with NSCT, he was struggling with balance, body awareness and a weak core, and he lacked the strength and coordination to navigate what most of us consider to be simple things like monkey bars or swings. Although we have seen a marked improvement in all of the issues our son was struggling with, it wasn’t until recently when we climbed up a 42-foot climbing wall — twice!! — that we realized just how far he has come. It was amazing to see him calculate each move, coordinate his footing and scan the wall for where to go next. I cannot describe how joyful we felt when he reached the top, rang the bell and yelled out, ‘I did it!’ Our son finally felt pride and confidence and had the courage to overcome several tall fears in that climb. Thank you so very much for everything you have done for our son. You have given him a part of his childhood back and have set him up on a better course for adulthood. Our family is so thankful!
Rana B., Hamilton


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PlaydoughPlaydough is a great therapy tool that can be used to target articu­lation, receptive or expres­sive language. It can be used to target two-word combinations (purple playdough), verbs (cut, roll, squish), requesting (I want pink playdough), turn-taking (my turn), language concepts (big, smooth), following directions (get the green playdough), and commenting (I made a cat!). The added bonus is that it serves as a sensory activity and the kids tend to love it!