Nora and Paige’s Success Story

North Shore mom finds individualized approach, pediatric focus make all the difference when choosing a speech therapist.

When North Shore mom Paige noticed that her toddler, Nora, was struggling to pronounce certain sounds, she immediately consulted her child’s pediatrician. So began a journey that would eventually lead the family to North Shore Children’s Therapies, a multidisciplinary clinic in Peabody offering speech, occupational and feeding therapies in addition to social skills groups.

Initially referred to a general clinic which treated patients of all ages, including adults, Paige noticed her daughter becoming more and more frustrated during her 45-minute speech therapy sessions, which went on for about a month. Upon hearing of Paige’s situation, a mother from Nora’s play group highly recommended North Shore Children’s Therapies. Her own child had thrived after being seen at the practice.

Unlike other clinics, North Shore Children’s Therapies’ sole focus is treating children. According to Paige, this approach was effective from her daughter’s very first session. “It was clear from the moment we entered the clinic that it is a child- and parent-friendly environment with welcoming, supportive staff who love their jobs. And our therapist had a clear gift for working with children,” says Paige. Nora, age 2, even began asking to go to the clinic shortly after their first appointment.

Nora’s speech therapist quickly established trust and a genuine rapport with Nora, as well as an individualized treatment plan. Using a play-based approach, she worked one-on-one with Nora while also giving Paige easy at-home techniques. According to Paige, “The strategies we could use outside of the clinic were great. Simple thingswe could do at home, such as touch cues, enabled us to continue Nora’s success outside of our weekly sessions. As a parent, this is very empowering.”

Paige stresses that the comprehensive approach, quality of clinicians and pediatric specialty set North Shore Children’s Therapies apart from other clinics. She quickly realized from her family’s initial experience that a child’s needs are entirely unique. She hopes that in the future, more pediatricians will consider this when referring their patients to speech therapy clinics.

Seeing her daughter enjoy her speech therapy sessions was also encouraging to Paige. “Nora didn’t even know she was working on her articulation and expressive language. She was having so much fun,” notes Paige.

Just four months later, Nora’s speech issues were fully resolved and she had “graduated” from her treatment program at North Shore Children’s Therapies. Today, Nora is extremely articulate and communicates with ease and confidence.

Concludes Paige, “I am so pleased that we received help from North Shore Children’s Therapies. I would recommend them to any family needing support. I cannot say enough great things about our experience.”

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